Legal Compliance Services

More than 15 Years of Success

Our 15+ years of Legal Compliance auditing experience enables us to provide the best possible service to our clients, and we pride ourselves on the standard of our legal compliance audits.


Hendrik Visser, Lead Auditor

Legal Compliance Professionals

Straight Talk. Practical Solutions.

The South African legal framework for companies relating to SHEQ is extensive and often confusing for the majority of clients. We provide legal compliance services that aim to clarify the legal requirements pertaining to your business, with regards to SHEQ and Risk management, in an understandable and structured way. Practical recommendations on any non-compliances in our clients’ management systems assist our clients in implementing effective long-term solutions.

Consulting Areas

  • ISO gap Analysis
    Management systems gap analysis and full system audits are included in the scope of this service
  • Legal Compliance Audits
    Our Legal Compliance Audits are unique in the sense that they encompass not only SHEQ, but also Financial, Human Resources and other legal requirements.
  • Legal Registers  & Updates
    We provide services relating to the creation and updating of our clients’ legal register. 


About Us

Provenio Legal Compliance Services is based in Centurion, servicing clients in South Africa and abroad. Our Mission is to promote and encourage sound corporate governance in small, medium and large organizations by addressing key Risks and Opportunities in the business environment.
We ensure key personnel are competent and have the necessary skills and experience to provide service excellence to our clients.